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As a brother and sister duet, Rhonda & Rodney’s close family harmony makes it appear at times as though there is only one voice singing.We look forward to singing for your church or special activity.

Gospel Music Today Interview
with Rhonda & Rodney


About Us

“1 Voice” is a Southern Gospel brother-sister duo, Rodney Wright and Rhonda Wright Bray, that is based out of their hometown, Brodhead, Kentucky. They are a fairly new group to the Southern Gospel world, but have very deep roots in Gospel ministry, with a total of 47 years of combined experience in ministering through song and Word, having begun as three year olds with their singing “Wright Family”.

Their mother, Doris, was born to missionary parents in China, living there until the age of six and a half, and grew up in an evangelical minister’s home, so she instilled in them at an early age “to go and tell all people about Jesus”. The Wright Family, (Vall Roy, Doris, Roy Wayne, Rhonda and Rodney), throughout their childhoods, sang at their home church, local churches, and on the radio station in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Rodney was part of a quartet for 25 years and when a member left the quartet. Rhonda, after being a fill-in for 20 years, joined as a full time member. When the group became a trio, it was renamed, “1 Voice”, from Romans 15:6 which says “that ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” After three years the trio became a duo and the genetic blend of this brother and sister often sounds like one voice!

When the “1 Voice” duo began in 2004, Rodney and Rhonda kept praying for the Lord to use this ministry. Their prayers were answered and their schedule continues to be busy. Some of the places He has allowed them to minister are: Crusade for Christ Tent at the Kentucky State Fair, Louisville; Jackson Energy Annual Picnic, McKee, Kentucky; Kid to Kamp Annual Radiothon, 770AM, Lexington, Kentucky; Mississippi State Quartet Convention Main Stage, Hattiesburg; Gospel Showcases at the National Quartet Convention, Louisville, Kentucky; Peddler’s Village, Goshen, Indiana; Murray’s Marketplace, Shirley, Indiana; World Chicken Festival, London, Kentucky; Eddie Crook Company Radio Tours, and Eddie Crook’s Goodlife Gospel Cruises, as well as numerous churches across the southeastern part of the United States.

During their second year, Mark Bishop sent a song to them that changed their ministry to include radio stations nationwide. The message of salvation in Mark’s song was so strong and clear that they knew they had an obligation to share it with as many people as possible. “1 Voice” recorded “I Don’t Know How You Heard One Voice” with Eddie Crook Company and it was their first national radio release, being sent to over 1300 radio stations nationwide. A Georgian, Bud Adkinson, send a song titled, “I’ve Come a Long Way.” This was also recorded with the Eddie Crook Company and was released to radio. Several years later, Ralph Arvin, a Kentucky songwriter, wrote a song just for the duo to use titled, “I want to Get Down to Business”. Ralph wrote this song after he and Rodney discussed the crucial time we are living in and the purpose of this ministry. It truly is time to get down to business for the Lord!

“1 Voice” has recorded six projects. The latest recording was in 2012 at The Room Studio in Sevierville, TN. Arthur Rice, lead singer of The Kingdom Heirs, recorded and produced this album, titled, Family Favorites. It is a mix of our families favorite gospel songs. Some old songs, some newer songs,and some old hymns. We believe there is a song for everyone on this latest CD.

“We have many testimonies of how the Lord works in everything for our good. Our group purchased a bus in 2001, and our experiences with it during our time of ownership leave no doubt that God cares for us and is at work to do us good and not harm! Two of our ministry experiences were published in “GOD’S STILL GOD” and “SINGING NEWS PRESENTS PRAISE REPORTS”, “1 Voice” says. “What might have been bad for us was taken care of by the Lord and used for good. We praise Him for that!”

(1 Voice Ministries is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.)


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